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Computational Linguistics

Websites, corpora, machine translation

The use of computational tools for the study of language resources has been my main object of academic interest since I wrote my MA thesis about the collection of free-from-copyright corpora from the web. I went then on working on a similar project (on a much bigger scale) by joining the research group of PAISA. I have contributed by selecting Italian webpages released under those Creative Commons licenses allowing redistribution. The outcome of this project is a corpus of Italian texts which can be used as a freely available learning resource (you can find it here). During this experience I have also become interested in text classification.

My interest for corpora includes also bilingual corpora, which I have studied and collected during my PhD project, aimed at exploring their use in statistical machine translation according to the domains and genres they belong to.

I believe in the free circulation of resources and tools for the study of languages. You can find a more comprehensive overview of my research, including publications, on my ResearchGate profile.

Italian Culture

Language, literature, cinema

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DIY culture and small press comics

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Dystopian views of past and future

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Geeky outfits and photomanipulation

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