Marco Brunello

Leeds, United Kingdom ยท

Welcome to my website! I am an Italian linguist with a varied background including creative writing, computational linguistics and graphic design. I am currently working as English to Italian translator and webmaster, with an ongoing freelance activity as private Italian language tutor and voice-over performer for recordings of tourist information for major British historical attractions.

Relevant Experience

Italian Website Manager

Take That Ltd

Management of a portfolio of high traffic websites in Italian. My duties include:

  • Day-to-day provision of SEO-friendly news and articles
  • English to Italian content translation for the company's multilingual websites
  • Management of social media accounts, including the creation of graphics
  • Answering users' queries from all incoming channels
  • Provision of monthly analytics and performance reports for each website
September 2016 - Present

Research and teaching fellow

Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds

Contribution to several academic activities alongside my PhD studies, including:

  • Provision of learning resources for the module Principles and Applications of Machine Translation and delivery of class lectures on a weekly basis (Feb-Apr 2013)
  • Administration of machine translation evaluation tasks (participants recruitment, payments etc.) for the European projects ACCURAT and TTC (Sep-Dec 2012)
  • Completion of text processing tasks involving bilingual data for machine translation (Jun-Aug 2011)
June 2011 - April 2013

Research fellow

Institute of Computational Linguistics and University of Trento (Italy)

Creation of a large and richly annotated Italian web corpus using an entirely non-copyrighted sample of texts crawled from the Internet for the PAISÀ project. Main duties included:

  • Selection and download of relevant web content, i.e. webpages released under Creative Commons licenses allowing derivative works
  • Content analysis and classification into genres and domains using topic modeling and clustering techniques.
October 2009 - September 2010


University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

Doctor of Philosophy
Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation


October 2010 - November 2014

University of Padua (Italy)

Master's Degree

110/110 Magna Cum Laude

October 2006 - October 2008

University of Padua (Italy)

Bachelor's Degree
Italian Literature and Humanities - Creative Writing


October 2003 - September 2006


  • Italian (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Latin (Proficient)
  • French, Spanish, German (Basic)

Other skills
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and their main free/open source counterparts (LibreOffice and Mozilla Thunderbird).
  • Working knowledge of desktop publishing, in particular Scribus.
  • Working knowledge of social media management platforms, in particular Hootsuite.
  • Working knowledge of web analytics platorms including Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Majestic Analyitics.


Apart from writing and translating for a living I enjoy producing book, comic and movie reviews for a number of webzines including Sbam! Comics, Transit: cine y otros desvíos and The Steampunk Journal.

I have also a side activity as graphic designer and illustrator, having contributed to the Leeds Student Newspaper (now called The Gryphon) as editorial cartoonist during the 2012-13 academic year and self-publishing fanzines and minicomics. You can check out my portfolio here.